Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mommy's little helper.

Dani is very interested in helping mommy these days. Every time I start a task, I hear footsteps and a little voice saying, "Help mommy!" When I'm making dinner, we pull up the Costco stepstool and Dani "helps" me pour or mix or something (generally it just exponentially adds to the mess). When it's time to change Tori, she shrieks, "Go on Dani dock!" Dani dock is a Dani-invented phrase for the covered radiator next to the changing table that Dani insists on standing on to help me change Tori. Helping, on a good day can consist of Dani assisting me with the baby powder, and on a less good day, tickling Tori's feet or tummy while I'm changing her. Oh, did I mention that she is usually repeating, "big nasty poop" regardless of what's in Tori's diaper? Yep--no idea where that came from; I blame Big Man.
Tonight, the girls got to sit on the changing table and watch daddy snowblow. Dani wanted to "help daddy shovel".The cutest "help" she provides nightly is sneaking into the kitchen to feed the cats. I never see her do this, but usually once I've put her to bed, I find this in the service stairwell:

Apparently, my talented cats can open cans of food all by themselves. But that's Dani's way of helping, and I think it's adorable.

Oh yes, the other kiddo. She's fearless and trying like heck to walk!

We're supposed to get about 18" of snow tomorrow, so I hope to have some good snowy pics in the next day or two.

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