Saturday, March 26, 2011

Deep Thoughts, by Dani McGhee

This afternoon I took Tori to the grocery store while Dani was napping. She was wearing a coat that used to be Dani's. When I carried her inside, Dani was awake, and saw me holding Tori, to which she exclaimed, "Baby Dani!"

So I turned to her and said, "No, silly, this is Tori. If I were holding baby Dani, then who would you be?" Dani scratches her chin, and thinks for a minute, and says, "But mommy, I'm older now."

Speaking of older--this little munchkin is turning ONE soon!

As you can see, she cannot manage to keep both socks on, ever. She's starting to stretch out, and is a little less of the chubby mcdubbs she's always been. And she and Dani are starting to meaningfully interact. Tonight, when Big Man was taking Tori upstairs to bed, Dani said, "Goodnight, Tori. I love you." Totally unprompted; she also grabs her and hugs her, and walks behind Tori with her hand on the small of Tori's back to be sure she doesn't fall (although this tends to make Tori fall forward instead). Adorable.You'll notice that the slide is tipped over. Big Man turned it on its side today (it will go outside tomorrow) because little miss daredevil (Tori) can now climb it unassisted, and tries to every time we turn around! I'm still utterly terrified about the chaos that three will bring (well the trouble the two will get into while I'm distracted by the new one), but I have a little more time to get used to it, I guess.

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