Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Wow, I don't really post for two weeks, and the kids just explode with cool new things. Tori is now freely and fearlessly walking around the house. Falling frequently too. And trying to climb the stairs. These are all things that my more fearful Dani never tried until she was around a year old. But Tori's smiley and happy. She says "hi" and waves to everyone and everything. When she hears us laugh or having fun, she shrieks and claps. She can say "no" as well. She's trying so hard to be a little person who can play with her big sis. And Dani. What a little ham. She's just a little ball of energy, who is always asking to make a "Dani and Tori show", which means she wants me to take videos of she and her sis so she can watch them. Her language has just exploded. It's amazing. She's 2 years and 3 months old, which seems so young for real sentences.
Some recent examples of Dani speak: "Daddy, what makes you happy?" "Mommy, my tummy's rumbly." "Mommy, I don't need a tubby tub tub. I'm fresh and clean." "Where's my handy fishing rod?" The stuff that comes out of her mouth totally cracks us up. She's also making strides with the potty. I'm starting to actually be optimistic that we won't have three in diapers all at once.

And she loves to sing. Everything. Just like I do, so it's lots of fun for me. She discovered Play Doh at a friend's house, and has been asking me to go back to Mary's house for some or to buy her some. I picked some up this weekend.
"Its sqooshy," she exclaims every two seconds. We only play with it when Tori's sleeping because I'm sure that Tori would ingest far too much of it, and despite the nontoxic pledge, I'm not willing to test it out, given Dani's propensity for feeding things to her sister. We get out cookie cutters and make shapes and just act silly. Sqooshy fun!

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