Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Tori finally gets some fresh air!

It felt like spring today. I was up at about 4:30am headed to NYC for court, and basically got back to town about 12 hours later. It was so nice out that I had to let Tori have a few outdoor firsts, and Dani always wants to go outside, regardless of the weather.

Tori had her first ride in the little red wagon. We went up and down the street and they loved being in there together! We went to the "playground" a/k/a our backyard, but Dani calls it her playground. She wanted to help push Tori on the swing.

Tori loved her first swing ride! She laughed and laughed! The yard's a little too bumpy for her to be able to effectively walk, but hopefully by late spring she will be able to handle it.

It just felt so good to get outside tonight! Hoping to do it more often, of course the weatherman says snow? The nice thing about late winter storms is that they don't last.

And, 3d ultrasound is Friday; stay tuned for a baby peen update.

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