Friday, April 8, 2011

Just like in Stand by Me.

Really, that's how it was at my house tonight. Let me set the scene for you. I brought the kids to my office at around 4pm, because Big Man thinks he's going to have to work a double due to mandatory overtime tomorrow, and I figured he could use a little extra sleep. I bring them home, and make a little mac and cheese; the note from Big Man said not to feed Dani too much as she's just getting over a cold and wasn't too hungry today. So, Dani wants to watch Mickey on the couch, while we eat, and I'm all, that's fine with me because I'm tired too. So, Tori's walking around, I'm feeding Dani mac, and give Tori a bite or two. Then, Tori coughs up a noodle and starts projectile vomiting on the couch and rug. Seriously, I think she had 3 gallons of liquid in her tiny body. I'm terrified because she's never puked before and she's just unloading. Dani then looks at Tori and gets this look. Before I can say, "nooooooooo" Dani is now projectile vomiting all over the couch and Tori. Dani's sick was just a reaction to Tori's as Dani, covered in puke, is still trying to feed herself macaroni. Remember the scene in the movie Stand by Me? Yep, that was my house. I stripped them down to their diapers and put them in the pack and play where they giggled and sumo wrestled and were fine, while I cleaned up the mess. If Big Man hadn't been sleeping upstairs, I would have considered packing the kids in the car and torching the place and just rebuilding a new puke-free environment. Ain't parenting fun?

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Jackie said...

Classic!! I love the Stand By Me ref. Pukorama!