Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tori Turns ONE!

I'm bit late with this post, but Tori turned 1 on Wednesday! We celebrated her birthday with Big Man's family on Easter weekend.

She got to be the birthday princess:
And my friends at hooked us up with a sweet banner to help celebrate the day! Unlike Dani at 1, Tori had her way with the cake, so much so that she needed a bath immediately afterward.
She had a great day!
She's such a little love. She's almost always smiling and laughing, and she will let anyone hold her, with absolutely no hesitation. On the flip side, she's got a crazy temper--she can't say anything yet, but if you take something away from her or do something to upset her, you are met with murderous screams, and often flailing.

She and Dani spend lots of time running in circles around the house screeching. They often mimic each other's sounds until they explode in laughter.

Tori's still our little hoss--easily wearing a 2T top and although a few inches shorter, can basically wear all of Dani's clothes.

She progressed from early walking to full blown running and climbing at one year (at this time, Dani was only taking a few little steps).

She just gets more fun every day, and even though I don't have the time to write about her as often as I did when Dani was her age, I cherish my little Tor. As Dani says, "I love you to bits, Tori." Happy birthday, kid.

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