Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Forty, a Tori guest post.

Hi Daddy, it's Tori! I'm posting tonight to wish you happy birthday! Mommy says you're 40. I don't know how many that is because I can only count to twelve. I don't think DiDi can even count to 40, so I know 40 must be a lot because she can count really well.
Me and Dani and Tommy want you to know that you're the best daddy ever. We hope you liked the card we picked out because it plays the Mickey Mouse song and that's our favorite. We opened it and played it for you dozens of times today and it was so fun to hear over and over and over, don't you think? It was fun until you put the card up on the mantel where I couldn't reach. I think if I move my high chair I can get it all by myself and play it for you again tomorrow, so don't worry!
Your cake was really yummy too. But I don't understand why there are only four candles on it. I am not a big kid but I know four is not forty. I heard mommy say something about a fire hazard if we used all the candles but I don't really understand what that meant.After your cake, it was snuggle time. Then you and mommy took us upstairs and got us ready for bed. Mommy was still taking pictures. Mommy's always taking pictures. Why does she take so many pictures, Daddy?
And, I even peed on the potty tonight, just for you. Don't tell DiDi but I think I'm going to be out of diapers before she is. Anyway, Daddy, I smiled extra pretty in this birthday picture for you. I love you Daddy! Happy Birthday!

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