Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snow angels.

We got our first measurable snow today. It was nice, wet and heavy, so perfect for snowmen. Dani and Tori have been so excited about the prospect of snow this year--and none really came, until today. They were already scheduled to go to Miss Ruth's for the day, so we packed their snow gear. I was little disappointed that I wouldn't be the one playing outside with them today...but Miss Ruth cheered me up by sending pictures to my phone while I was in court.They had a blast. This was Tori's first time playing in the snow, as she was just a baby last winter. They made snow angels, and rode on sleds, and probably consumed half their body weight in snow.
Dani told me she made five snowmen, but that one was a snow bunny and one was a snow Mickey (mouse).
I'm really hoping it doesn't all melt before Saturday so I can go out and play with them too!

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