Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summertime, and the livin' is easy.

We've been splashing in pools, and enjoying play dates!
Dressing up for parties.

Eating popsicles to stay cool.

Keeping cool in the pool, and enjoying family time.
And taking cat naps in the sunshine.

The summer is just flying by! 
There are so many exciting things going on that I don't stop often enough to post about it.  Professionally, my practice seems to keep presenting me with exciting opportunities.  I've expanded into a second office, and we are growing our Amsterdam location this summer.  Tommy's just a few weeks shy of a year old.  He's walking, running, actually, just trying to keep up with his big sisters. He's still not sleeping through the night--he's up at least once shrieking for some chow--which explains why he's in a 2T... Tori's talking up a storm, with an amazing vocabulary, and can identify all the letters of the alphabet and numbers too--who would have thought she was actually paying attention to us?  She is surprisingly gentle with Tommy, and is such a thoughtful big and little sister--always letting us know if Tommy needs something or asking for a second of what she has so she can share with Dani.  Dani is living up to Big Man's moniker "Bethany junior" in so many ways.

They certainly keep me busy, and entertained, and frustrated, and tired.  And the Big Man, as always he's the rock; the glue that keeps us all together, and makes me happy to wake up every morning.

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