Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Dani and Tori saw a show where the host made amazing balloon creations, and they were so excited.  So, I suggested that we could buy some and make our own.  Big Man mockingly laughed at my idea and my promises to make balloon animals for the kiddos.  I assured him that balloon art was a hidden talent of mine--how hard could it be?

After nearly 20 minutes of trying to blow them up, and failing, we got out the hand pump.  I must say, I made a pretty sweet poodle.
And hey, my kids are toddlers--they were just excited that I could twist two balloons into something resembling a hat, and they loved Big Man's hula hoops.
Their favorite part was just to have balloon wars, chasing each other around the house with their arms waving with the long balloons.  The occasional POP would have them skittering and asking me to blow up more.
Even Tommy got into the action.
The best part of my day, every day, are these little, silly adventures.

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