Thursday, January 10, 2013

The darndest things.

This has been a brutal week.
I worked last Saturday and Sunday, and am now on day 11 and am feeling run down.

In cool work news, I won an evidentiary argument in court today, after the judge ruled against me.  I suggested he was wrong on the law, and he allowed me to present some authority for it, and then he agreed, and reversed.  I know, it doesn't sound like a big deal, and, truthfully, it wasn't really.  It was great to have an open-minded judge who would admit he was wrong, but honestly, for me, it was a little bit of a big deal.  The law's a tough business.  I have many cases--each different--each with a client relying upon me for something simple like a traffic ticket, or trusting me to handle his or her divorce.  Even though I'm going to be *cough* 40 this year, I often feel like when I walk in to court, everyone there has years more experience than I do, and it can be intimidating.  You second guess yourself.  "Should I have made a different argument?  Should I have settled or went to trial?"  The "what ifs" keep me up at night.  But every once in a blue moon, when I've researched, and prepared, and practiced, I feel like the smart kid.  Like the teenage Bethany who was going to conquer the world.  This was that day, for just a few moments.  Those moments where your tummy smiles and you know you're on the right path.  I'm still second guessing myself on the rest, but this was just a teeny sparkly minute.

But Dad faithful readers, you aren't here because you care about my day!

A few funnies from Dani this week:

Tori was looking at a book with pictures of animals.  She is pointing to the duck and quacking, the monkey, etc., and making all the sounds while naming the animal.  She gets to the koala, and points and says "koala", but makes no sound.  I ask her what sound the koala makes and she shrugs.  So I turn to Dani and ask her whether she know what sound a koala makes.  Dani's reply, "Koalas don't make any noise Mommy, but they do like hugs."

While wearing a pair of jeans that were a bit snug in the thighs, "Daddy, these pants hurt my legs from walking."   It's always so interesting how they choose words to describe something that they don't know.

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