Monday, January 21, 2013

We're crafty!

Hey--how YOU doin'?
 We've been quite crafty lately.  When Tommy heads to bed, the girls and I have been working on little, creative projects.  
 We're drawing, and stickering, and having lots of fun.  Tonight we made valentines!
 And every once in a blue moon, the kids all snuggle in together.  And usually, before I can pick up the camera, they are back to running around like crazy little monkeys.
 And Tommy's often in a kissing mood.  He's mastered the little pucker and "mwah" and will run around just giving kisses.
 Tonight, we started with crayons, and then I grabbed a marker so I could write Happy Valentine's Day" on the cards we were making.  Dani asked me for a marker, so I told her I would get the whole container of magic markers from the playroom.  Her reply, "They aren't magic, Mommy, they are just markers."

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