Sunday, April 26, 2015


We, of course, had a home celebration for Dani's 6th birthday.  So much fun.
 School Christmas concert...our fearless Tori had a case of stage fright!
 Not Dani!  She had a blast!
 For the first time we went to the Schenectady PBA Breakfast with Santa.  (Wes never mentioned it before this year, but it is, apparently an annual event.)  Dani meets an elf.
 Tommy was in awe of Santa!
 Another Tori oddity...she wanted no part of Santa.
 Until she got a present, then he got a hug.
 Celebrating Great-Aunt Virginia's 99th birthday at Teresian House.
 Tori had a haircut and asked for a blowout.  She loved it!
Of course, Grandma and Grandpa came!
We hosted a Christmas Eve party and the kids wanted to dress up!
 Posing with Grandma.
 Christmas morning! 
What a smart Santa!  He wrapped each kid's present in different wrapping paper!  Way to go Santa!

 Santa is apparently unfazed by the term "some assembly required".  It took Grandpa and Mommy about 45 minutes to put the trampoline together!  (So worth it, though!)

 No, it's  not KISS or the Insane Clown Posse, Grandma bought facepaints for the kids.  All Grandpa needs is a black star on his eye, and we'd have KISS.
 A balloon animal kit from Grandma.  (She didn't realize we were already pros at these types of balloons!  She tried to get Grandpa to blow them up, and then I broke out the pump!)
 New Years!  We rang the new year in at 8:00pm so the kiddos could participate!  (We also did it at midnight too!)
What a super fun December!

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