Sunday, April 26, 2015

Worst blogger ever.

It's April, and Tori's birthday is tomorrow.  But I have to catch up before I can get to her birthday.
I've spent too much time away from the blog, and haven't documented as much as I should.
So, here's Halloween 2014.
SpongeBob, a mermaid, and Elsa.
 Daddy took them trick or treating, and then they handed out candy.  We take the glass out of the storm door to make it easier.
 We typically get about 350 trick or treaters.  That's no joke.  I live on a wide, well-lit street, and it is utter chaos.  I usually buy about 1000 pieces of candy, vampire teeth and spider rings.  It's crazy!
 Dani and her BFF Joe, aka Sonic.
She adores him.

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