Sunday, February 28, 2010

Da coach.

Dani said "Ditka" today. Daddy wiped a tear from his eye. She's mastering lots of her letter sounds and starting to talk up a storm.
We broke out Dani's birthday bike, and she's finally big enough to scoot around on it.

This morning, I planted Dani in front of The Wiggles so I could pack her diaper bag--we were supposed to meet Aunt Renny and Uncle John at McDonalds for breakfast. This would be Dani's first trip to Mickey D's. So, Dani sat perched on the couch, and was so quiet. When I peeked into the room, this is what I found:

Another fine moment in parenting. It's always important to capture the deed on film before correcting it.

Dani, enjoying her first Mickey D's trip. She was too little to actually play on anything, but the closed off room was kid friendly and we had it all to ourselves.

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