Saturday, February 27, 2010

Super slacker. Blame facebook.

I've been really bad about posting. Facebook is partly to blame because it is so easy to upload without having to type anything.

Things have been good--running my own business is a challenge, but so rewarding. I'm keeping busy, learning a ton about the many things that go into running a business-record keeping, accounting, marketing, banking, etc. It's keeping me very busy--but good busy. I would be working a ton more if it weren't for the kiddo and the bun in the oven--which is a good sign, because I want to work more--because it means I'm working to support my family. Having a bun in the oven is helping to keep me balanced and remind me that I made the transition for the benefit of all of us.

But, knock on wood, I've had lots of calls and lots of old friends who have asked me to do work for them. It means a lot.

All is well in the land of B. Dani's just so much fun that this video doesn't do it justice. Big Man and I spend most of the day laughing at her antics. She has become so affectionate---kisses abound. She even lifts my shirt up to kiss the "baby" in my tummy. Just a little love bug. She loves looking through our many photo albums at pictures of baby Dani. When asked, she will point out everyone in the pictures--except mommy. Even when Big Man is looking at them with her, he can ask, "where is daddy" and she will point to him, but the same question of mommy gets no point...odd!

Big Man's home for a bunch of nights so it will probably be a quiet couple of days.

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