Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Christmas surprise.

We had a wonderful Christmas. The weekend began when I was getting out of the shower on Friday and the doorbell rang. It was my parents, who had flown in from North Carolina to surprise us. They wanted to see their grandbabies for Christmas, so just booked a quickie weekend flight. The kids went nuts! Dani had just layed down for a nap, and heard the doorbell, stood up in her pack and play and saw them. There was no hope of a nap after that.

Grandma and Grandpa had a blast. It was just so nice to have my mom and dad here for Christmas. And it's so fun that the kids are old enough to really enjoy them.

With Skype, we're able to have a live video chat a few times per week, so that really helps Dani and Tori stay close.

Dani opened nearly every present on Christmas morning. She was so cute. She was opening Tori's gifts and giving them to her. She had quite a few packages of clothes that people had sent, and by the third gift that was clothing, she started to rip it open, and said, "More clothes." and promptly dropped it to open something more interesting.
Tori looked absolutely adorable as a mini-Santa.

It was a weekend filled with lots of laughs and hugs, exactly what a holiday should be.

Thanks Mom and Dad; you really made our Christmas wonderful.

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