Sunday, July 17, 2011


Now that Tori's getting bigger, she and Dani are playing and interacting more. That often means more yelling at each other or trying to grab each other's toys. There's lots of "NO TORI" and Tori yelling "DADADA" in response and shrieking at the top of her lungs.
But there's also tons of laughing, running and general silliness. Dani will, literally, run in circles around Tori, while Tori shrieks with Glee. They both "talk" on the phone. Dani is actually somewhat capable of carrying on a brief telephone conversation with grandma and grandpa before she decides it's more fun to push the buttons on the phone than talk.
They usually aren't too far apart when they're in the playroom, and are generally cracking each other up.
Tori is unquestionably Daddy's girl. No matter what we are doing, she's always keeping an eye out for Daddy. Yesterday, I had her in the pool while Big Man was doing some yardwork, and she kept yelling "DA or Daddy" and would fuss until I brought her to the edge of the pool where she could watch him work. It's pretty adorable. And she's now giving kisses. Not the halfhearted Dani-kiss, (Dani puts her cheek next to yours and kisses the air) but adorable puckery smooches. Even Big Man describes it as the cutest thing ever.
Dani's very excited about baby Tommy. She is now announcing to people, "We're having a BABY." And, she tells me that she is going to feed him and burp him and change his diapers. I think she's the perfect age to be a helper and not really jealous. Tori, on the other hand, is going to have a problem I predict. She's starting to be a bit of a biter, and she really will flail at you if she gets angry...I think we are going to have our hands full. Plus, given the fact that she can now climb anything and everything, the new baby distraction will allow her to get in to way more stuff than she can now...dreading that! Seriously, it's often the cuteness factor that saves her from trouble!

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