Thursday, July 14, 2011

So big!

Everyone around these parts is getting SO BIG!
First, my 34+ week belly is about to require it's own zip code, it's so big. I'm exhausted and cranky and hot! I've been doing a terrible job with updates because I'm just so darn tired.
But so many awesome things have happened this summer! Big Man was promoted to Lieutenant, and his hours changed to 3-11pm, so he's home for the night, and not exhausted all the time. We need a few hours of child care a day, but our super-star sitter, Miss Ruth, is a lifesaver. The kids go to her house for a few hours of fun every day and she feeds them an early dinner so that when tired mommy picks them up after work, I don't have to come home and cook.
Dani is talking nonstop. The kid is amazingly creative, telling stories all the time, pretending to be characters and just is tons of fun. She is already telling me that when Tommy comes, she is going to feed him and hold him and burp him. She keeps asking when we can unzip my belly to get him.
Tori is still our little handful. I thought Dani was a silly, happy baby, but Tori is exponentially more so. She's always smiling and laughing, and getting in to something. If you turn your back, she will have swiped something off a shelf, or will be in the cat's water bowl or just doing something she shouldn't be--and she laughs like heck when caught. When she swipes the phone, or remote or something she shouldn't have, and you notice she shrieks with glee and sprints away as fast as she can.
She makes tons of animal noises, and says a few little words, like hi, daddy, mommy, kitty and a handful of others. But she understands a ton and can follow commands, when she wants to. She also reacts with a fiery, screamy rage when you stop her from doing something she wants to do, often sitting on her butt and screaming bloody murder. I'm sure my neighbors appreciate that.
Fortunately for her, she's really cute. It's her saving grace lots of days. They keep us entertained, and I can only imagine the trouble they get into when Tommy gets here!

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