Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Number 3.

That sounds a little cold, number's Tommy's birth story and it's kind of surreal, so grab a cold one, and let me tel you about the day Tommy was born, well what I remember about it anyway. It's a complete haze.

I waddle down to the operating room, and climb on the table. The docs begin to prepare me for the spinal, and they administer it. With the last two kids, I couldn't feel my legs by the time someone lifted them onto the operating table. Not so with this one. I still had a lot of feeling. I mentioned it and the doc said it can take a while to kick in. They said they were going to start with the catheter, which I felt going in. I mentioned it but everyone assured me the spinal would continue to progress.

A few minutes later they start the procedure, and I'm feeling more than I think I should. With the last two c-sections, I only felt pressure; this time I felt cutting, and dull to moderate pain. I told the doc, and that's where my memory kind of drops off. Apparently I needed loads of narcotics throughout the delivery because the spinal meds weren't enough. I was somewhat of a drooling idiot.

I remember waking up at one point and asking where my husband was, and was asked whether I heard the baby crying (I hadn't yet) and was told he was in the baby room with the nurse--which was, by the way, about 7 feet from me and visible if I could have focused on anything.
Here I am drooling on myself while daddy enjoys Tommy time. He was born at 12:10pm; 8 pounds, 4 ounces and 19 inches long. I was in recovery until almost 4pm as they tried to get my pain under control, and I tried to talk in sentences. It was, hands down, the hardest delivery of the three.
But the end result is our little man! He has bluish-grey eyes just like mommy, and even if the odds are they won't last, it's still nice to see them. Another strong baby--he can lift up his head already. The women in the nursery said he was a bit of a chow hound all night long, and he's got a really calm demeanor. And, unlike Dani and Tori, he has hardly any hair.

Dani and Tori got to see him on Skype last night which was sweet. I can't wait until they meet him in person. Welcome to our family, Tommy.

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