Sunday, August 7, 2011

Summertime, and the living is easy.

We love lazy summer weekends. Sleeping a little later. Enjoying the AC on a humid day. Dips in the pool. Family dinners and sweet summer veggies.
Dani and Tori really enjoyed some sweet corn tonight.
Tori can handle her own corn and can clean an ear like a pro--not bad for a kid with 8 teeth!
Someone spent some time playing pirate with daddy.
And Tori decided that the changing table was her new fort.
We're in the final countdown to baby number 3. It sounds silly, but I just want to eke out every last moment with Dani and Tori while we are a family of four. In a week, it all changes for them and their needs and wants are going to have to be balanced with the more pressing needs of baby Tommy, and a recovering-from-surgery mommy. I'm sure they'll grow to enjoy it eventually, but I know it's going to be a rocky first few weeks for them, and us too.
I got out the baby heartbeat monitor this weekend, and Dani was scared of it at first yesterday. She wanted to try it again today and was pretty excited to listen to Tommy's heartbeat. We listened to how quick it was, and then she listened to daddy's much slower heartbeat to compare. She looked adorable with her little headphones standing at my belly listening, and whispering to her little brother, "Hi Tommy," like for the first time, the abstract concept of her baby brother had indeed become real to her.

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