Saturday, August 20, 2011

Tommy comes home.

We came home from the hospital on Friday afternoon. Big Man got me settled and went to get the kids. I was eagerly anticipating their reaction, both to Tommy and to me. Both kids ran in yelling "mommy" and "baby" (in Tori's case) and "Tommy" in Dani's case.
It was love at first sight for Dani. Many kisses were administered.
And then Tori started to cry. (She is cutting some teeth.) Then Dani started to cry. Dani told me, "Tommy makes me feel sad. I need to watch TV to feel happy again." (She hadn't had a nap, but could have been working her master manipulation skills on this one.) So they all got to watch TV and I figured we were in for some crazy transition time.
A little while later, it was time to feed Tommy, so I asked Dani if she wanted to do it. Super excited, she was (perhaps because the Mickey episode we had put on was over)! Even Tori had to come over to see what all the excitement was.
Tori had the opportunity to give Tommy a closer inspection and approved, or so it seemed.
Tori was fine with Tommy until we put his formula in one of her bottles this morning. Then she screamed bloody murder and basically didn't stop. She flailed and wailed and was just generally angry at the world each time he was fed. It was pretty sad, because there wasn't really much we could do about it--and she refused to be held or comforted, preferring instead to stomp off of fling herself on the floor screaming. I wasn't expecting this type of response--when we brought Tori home, Dani was jealous of the holding and lap time and wanted to be on my lap too and be held more often, etc. Tori was just clearly upset that Tommy was here.
Hoping tomorrow's a better day for poor little Tori!

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