Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The darndest things.

I've just got to start keeping better track of some of the cute things that get said in this house.
Dani refers to cat litter as "cat glitter".  Tonight she told the kitty it was time to go potty in his cat glitter.

Dani can also answer the telephone and have a full on conversation.  Big Man thinks its amusing to let her answer when I'm calling from work, and she basically refuses to get off the phone, "Mommy, you can talk to Daddy when I'm done talking to you.  What do you want to talk about?"

Tori claims everything as her own, yelling "That's Mines" every fifteen seconds.  Much like Dani was to Tori, Tori has become the rule enforcer for Tommy.  We often hear "Tommy, no kitchen!".  This is almost immediately followed by "Good boy," even when Tommy continues on the forbidden path.  When Tori burps, she sometimes says "excuse me".  When she forgets, we always remind her by prodding, "What do you say?"  Tori's response is almost always "Thank you."  If you try to take something away from Tori, she asserts that there's "No Swiping!".

It's just so fun watching their little minds work.

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