Saturday, June 9, 2012

Doctors, and Lawyers, and Pirates, OH MY!

By now, you all know that Big Man's a police lieutenant and I'm a lawyer (or "liar" as the kids say).  Inherent in that is we both see really awful things every day.  This was a particularly difficult week for me, as a matrimonial case I'd been working on for almost two years was scheduled for trial.

My matrimonial and family law practice often reminds me of how blessed I am, and makes me so thankful for my healthy children, my supportive spouse and my upbringing.  There are just days that I come home and need to hug and kiss everyone, over and over again.  It really makes me appreciate what I have.

 I've got pirates!
Future WWE superstars!

And, just the sweetest kids and husband anyone could want.

And, let's not forget GIANT BABY.  Yes, Tommy is GIANT BABY.

At his 9 month baby visit thiw week, we learned that he is in the 90th percentile. That means that if you line up 100 nine month olds, he would be bigger than 90 of them.  Let me break it down for you:  he's 23 pounds 8 ounces, and 30.25 inches tall.

When Tori had her 1 year visit, she was 23 pouncs 6 ounces and 29.5 inches tall.
When Dani had her 1 year visit, she was 19 pouncs 6 counces and 28.5 inches tall.

Little Dude has outpaced them by months!

He is such an amazing cross between Dani and Tori.  I was telling that to Big Man tonight.

Dani was the cautious baby.  She crawled when she could walk, when it looked like walking might be tough.  She didn't try to climb things, didn't try to put things she shouldn't in her mouth, and basically was a scaredy-kid.  Easy peasy.  She looks before she leaps.

Tori is the opposite.  Tori climbed the stairs before she could crawl proficiently.  There was a mantra with Dani, "no kitchen, no bathroom, no stairs" we would say as she crawled toward them--and she would hear us and turn around.  Tori, not so much.  When she was crawling, she would just keep crawling because dammit she wanted to crawl into the bathroom.  When she was walking, I swear she would hear me say no and she would pick up her pace just to defy me faster! She figured out that the radiator cover tops can come off and that CDs and toys fit into the VCR opening.  She bounces on furniture until she lands on the hard floor.  She wriggles away from me to run naked through the house because she can and it's fun.  She is baby McGuyver.  We will eventually put a top on her crib to keep her contained at night.

Tommy is the middle ground.  He'd really like to walk but he knows he's not ready yet.  So, he cruises the furniture, and crawls.  He moves chairs and stools so he can climb higher, but he is deliberative.  He's not reckless.  He just wants to check things out.  He's not limited by fear, the way Dani is.  And he's not bolstered by fearlessness, the way Tori is. 

Which is pretty much perfect. My little dude.

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