Saturday, May 26, 2012

When Big Man's away...

The kids will PLAY!  Had a blast in the pool today!  Just got a ton of new floats.  Dani was partial to the Lightning McQueen car.
This was Tommy's first time in the pool.  He's a total water baby.  He spent hours in my arms, splashing and kicking and shrieking with joy.

Tori couldn't decide which ride she liked best so she kept two near her at all times!
And after Tommy went to bed, we tried out the cake pop maker!  The kids were thrilled.  (Honestly, mommy, not so much.  It was a fo-shizzle-load of work and mess for cake pops that weren't as good as the ones at Starbucks.) Dani and Tori had a blast from the first minute, licking the beaters after I made the mix, attempting to sprinkle the pops, and then eating them.

Dani was so proud of our work.  We went out on the deck to eat them.  Dani powered hers down; Tori (less of a sweet tooth) spent about 10 minutes on one of them, and then opted for the plain (unfrosted) ones. 

Being home with these kids all day gives me a profound respect for the work Big Man does every day.  It's 9:15pm and I haven't even taken a shower.  These little kiddos kicked my butt!

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J Murray said...

Look like you had a handle on it and everyone had a great time!!!