Sunday, August 19, 2012

Anatomy of a family photo.

As you all know, I'm always taking pictures of the family.  I swear, the only pictures the kids will have of me when I'm gone are the silly, stick my arm out while hugging a kid headshots, because unless I ask Big Man, he doesn't take pictures of me and the kids.  We were at a party this weekend, and I was snapping pics, and my friend Melissa offered, "Why don't I take some family photos?"

AWESOME!  I thought.  Climb into seats, drag children over, assemble on laps and tell them to smile.  Bribe--if you kids sit still and smile, we can have a cookie.  Threaten--you guys better sit stil and smile or no cookies for you.  Beg--please, smile for mommy?

First try....are there three different cameras, because there are three different directions everyone is looking.  (Who knew this would be the best of the bunch?)

Okay kids, let's try this again--look at Melissa and SMILE!

Still three different directions--except this time, Tommy's watching the ants on the ground, and Dani appears to be waiting for the Rapture.
By this time, the squirming has commenced.  No one wants to sit still.  Tori's almost gone, and Dani's dress is bunched up as she slides down my leg to freedom!

At least Big Man's sorta smiling in this one! 

What's the trick?  I'm thinking I need some sort of toddler glue trap (like they have for mice) to keep them still and allow for dozens of photos--odds are that if we take enough, we'll end up with one with everyone looking at the camera, right?

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