Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Lies, Lies, Lies!

So, little Dani is going throught the toddler phase of lying.  She just tells you what she wants the truth to be.  It can be as simple as she asks me for a snack and tells me Daddy said yes to the request (when he didn't) to last night's whopper.  At 2 months, Dani found her thumb and gave up the pacifier.  She was a comfort thumb sucker until about 3, and now only sucks it in her sleep.  Her two front teeth stick out, and  the dentist mentioned that we should do all we can to get her to stop.  It really never happens during waking hours, but lots of night when I check on her while sleeping, she is sucking it.  So, I bought a thumb-buster.  It's just a soft velcro-fastening thumb glove to put her in at night. Supposedly it changes the texture of the thumb and makes them not want to suck it.  I bought it in her favorite color (pink) and last week when it arrived she declared her love for it and asked if she could wear it during dinner.  Each night at bedtime last week she offered her thumb and happily let me put it on.  Last night (six days later) I'm putting it on her in front of Big Man, and he says "That's not the thumb she sucks."  Dani insists that it is, and starts to cry.  When I put the thumbbuster on her left thumb she is wailing and insisting she sucks the other one.  Busted.  Mommy got PLAYED!

The girls and I braved temps in the mid-90s on Saturday to attend a picnic.  It was good photo op, but brutally hot.  Tori really struggled with the heat.  Some of you may recall that two years ago, Big Man and I took Dani and infant Tori to the same picnic at a thoroughbred farm for an SPCA event.  I got some amazing pictures of Dani that day.  (Refresh your memory here: http://betsyboothhill.blogspot.com/2010/08/family-time.html )
Here's Dani, two years later, at the same tree:

And I couldn't leave out little dude...who will turn ONE next week.  He's been crying it out at night, and I'm slowly catching up on 12 months of sleep deprivation, but heck, my baby's turning one.

Now I just need to get him to call me "mama"!  He only does "dada".  Everyone's "dada".

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