Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Vital stats, and a few funny things.

In the battle for biggest baby, Tommy is the clear winner.  He had his one year doctor's visit today, and he measured 29.5", but the doctor said he was so squirmy, that the measurement was probably short, and weighed 26 pounds.  For those of you keeping track at home, Tori was 29.5" and 23 pounds 6 ounces, and Dani was 28.5" and 19 pounds 6 ounces.  Tommy WINS!

We were driving in the car this morning, and Dani asked, "Mommy why do all the houses have strings attached to trees?"  I had no flipping idea what she was talking about.
She kept insisting there were strings from the houses to the trees...I slowed down.  She was talking about power lines!  So I explained all about what they do, and how they work, but what a neat little observation.

The kids are obsessed with looking out the bathroom window to see if there's a moon after we get ready for bed.  Fortunately for me, it's been cloudy lately.  Tonight, Dani asked, "Mommy, why doesn't the moon have a face?".  (Only in storybooks, kid.)  And Tori, said goodnight to the moon at least two dozen times and refused to leave the window.  I eventually carried her to the bedroom, while she screamed at the top of her lungs while I dressed her for bed, and at least the next five minutes.  Dani even got teary, saying, "I can't listen to Tori like this mommy."  Fortunately, tiredness overtook them and they are sound asleep!

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