Sunday, July 12, 2009

B is for bad parent.

"Send help--my mommy's clueless!"Good parenting decisions abound this weekend.

You've already heard about the puff incident. I'm on Big Man's sh*t list.

The fun, truly, never ends. We also had a "Caddyshack" bathtub. Yep. I didn't dare photograph it. Yesterday morning, Dani dropped a deuce, so I decided it was bathtime. I ran a bath, and put her in the bouncy chair while I got everything ready. Since she'd just gone poop, I didn't check her diaper, and just let it fall to the floor, as I put her in the bath. I noticed she was a little stinky, but just figured she'd ripped one or something. After about 15 seconds, poop starts floating to the surface! (oh the horrors). I am, of course, alone. I pull the naked kid out of the tub, wrap her in a towel and put her in the crib, while I dump the poopy tub into the big clawfoot tub, try to get all the poop to go down the drain and then sanitize the baby tub and refill, all while hoping that naked Dani is not continuing to poop all over her crib, as she's been undiapered and naked through this project. Fun times, my friends.

We had some fun with kitchen utensils, until gagging ensued. At least she didn't hurl.
(What can I say? Worst. mom. ever.)

She's one happy kiddo, though, despite my cluelessness! Unfortunately the happy laughing video won't load, so trust me. She's happy.

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Anonymous said...

You have just experience a "floater" situation. Here's the low down: this will happen again. Your immediate reaction, to scoop the child out, is correct. Good job. Towel her off quickly, toss dirty towel in hamper. Have a small strainer or colander by the tub to remove offensive material and toss down the john. Let the befouled water out of the tub and sanitize. Do not put offal down the drain. Again, this will happen again - one of the joys of parenting. Nothing scares me anymore, not even the Council Chamber. They can't hold a candle to a child under two.