Saturday, July 11, 2009

When good puffs go bad.

Dani got her second tooth, so I decided it was time she partake of the puff. I bought the Target brand, and figured she'd be all set. (After all, the other baby was eating them at 5 months!). She digs the first one, so I decide to capture baby's first puffs on video.

She initially was perplexed but seemed to enjoy the puff. She spit out the first puff, and as you can see I gave her another. The video abruptly ends because I threw the camera, ripped the top off the highchair, and nearly ripped off my fingernail in a frantic effort to dislodge the puff from Dani's throat. (Don't tell daddy.) Holy scary moment!

Needless to say, we enjoyed some safer food after that.

Dani and I hit the farmstand today, so we are going to have fresh peas and sweet corn with dinner! Woo hoo!

I love summer. I'd sell my right kidney for a pool, though.


jackie said...

come over and go swimming any time you want. :-)

Ann M. Thane said...

repeat after me: cheer-i-o.


has a hole in it.