Thursday, July 16, 2009

During the happier time earlier in the week...

(Dani trying a pickling cuke. She gnawed on it for about a minute, then chucked it on the floor.)

It's been a long week. The fun parts have involved a visit from one of my best pals, Tara. She came over to visit, and then we went out to dinner. Dani had a great time with her!

Some local craziness going on, where suffice to say, the entire city I live in, well perhaps I exaggerate, at least those those who read certain local political blogs have been directed to my facebook page, and an old blog of mine, and my silly local paper is going to run a cover story on anonymous bloggers and attempts to out them, in which many disparaging comments will be made about me. Only in my town is that actually news. Most interestingly, the faux outrage stems from a glib comment allegedly made by me which stated, essentially, that neighborhood opponents of a certain project shared one little brain, and that one local restaurant was not fine dining. Oh, the horrors! Those comments have apparently lead to a weeks (or perhaps months) long hunt for the anonymous blogger, with multiple blogs previewing that the blogger's identity would be announced live on local radio today.

I actually learned about most of this (that the blogs that had my pictures and links to my personal info) when I got a call from the newspaper this afternoon. Fun times. I thought I got out of the fishbowl when I didn't run for re-election!

Just a working mom, enjoying my marriage and baby. Nothing to see here.


PortJacksonProud said...

"...a glib comment allegedly made by me..."
Did you make those remarks or not?
A simple yes or no would suffice.
Why did you go around to all the blogs and delete all your entries?
Do you recant those disparaging comments?
I am a loyal Democrat who voted for Ann Thane.
Your comments about the southside, the people who live here, and the way we live are unbecoming of a Democrat Party chairperson. I urge you to do the right thing and resign.

PortJacksonProud said...
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Anonymous said...

thank you for being human. I notice no one has outed loyal southsider or i love the sun or nobe fire....................too silly!

jackie said...

Any one who truly knows you as a person should realize that you never do anything anonymously. If you have something to say you say it.

Anonymous said...

Of course there is no response from you. You say the hard working business owners on the southside having eyesores and you expect us to be ok with that? Come over to the southside and look at our war monument and everyone from the southside who died for this country then say it to our faces. Did you make the commnets or not Bethany? A simple yes or no would suffice.