Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another first.

But before Dani's first, I am pleased to report that, although I can't put my hands on the officer friendly pic, I have found a suitable replacement for it, so pics of Dani and Big Man may be added to the blog again. (for all new readers--Big Man requires blog anonymity, and therefore I can't show his face--kind of like he's a superhero and I can't reveal his true identity.

Therefore, I shall do this:

While Big Man was cooking dinner, Dani and I were playing, and she was coming dangerously close to our oft-repeated mantra, "no kitchen; no bathroom; no stairs". But, I figured, what's so bad about the stairs? They really are the perfect thing for her to try to pull herself up on. So, I fired up the ol' camera, and this is what we saw! I have confirmed with Big Man that this was the first, truly independent act of pulling herself up and then standing (albeit briefly) that we have seen. Disregard the part where she falls on her butt because mommy is still recording.

We have learned that we can enjoy a hot dinner together with Dani in the high chair, if we ply her with puffs. Yes, Dani has finally mastered the puffs! In fact, I got some Gerber graduates veggie doodles yesterday and she can eat those too. At first she tried to put the inch-ish long doodle into her mouth, but then I showed her how to bite down, and she copied me! My baby is so smart!

And, tonight, an uneventful bedtime with no crying, and just a tired baby happy to be in her crib--so nice--back to normal.

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