Wednesday, August 12, 2009

An update, by Dani.

Hi. Dani here. Mommy said I could post tonight to tell everyone how I am doing. My fever went down a little, and I am feeling a little better, but I'm still kind of fussy. I am really drooly and my mouth hurts. (Plus, don't tell mommy and daddy, but this whole fussy thing means that I get a lot more attention, and they even check on me in my crib if I scream loud enough!) I didn't get any new teeth yet, but I think they are coming. I hope they come soon because this isn't fun!

(here I am, putting on a brave face for mommy, hiding my teething pain.)

Mommy got me lots and lots of new clothes from something she called craigslist. I don't know who this craig is, or what a list even is (I'm only a baby, after all.) but any time mommy comes home with two huge bags of clothes for me, I'm happy. Maybe when I feel better we can play dress up!

Tonight, while mommy and daddy were eating dinner, mommy's cousin Lisa stopped by with her kids, Greg and Angela, who I guess are my cousins too or something like that. Lisa had on a pretty necklace that I got to play with--you know I love the bling!

I guess daddy made mommy a really yummy dinner tonight. I didn't get to try it, but I heard mommy say pork tenderloin with garlic and spices, which I guess were expertly applied by daddy. Mommy seemed so happy. I snapped a quick shot of the pork when daddy wasn't looking--I hope he teaches me how to cook someday! (It looked better on mommy's plate than it does in the pan.)Anyway, I have a super secret message for someone who I will call "a" (hey, I'm a baby, that's the only letter I know)--I hope you find the fairy godmother soon--mommy would like that (but if you do, can I meet her, I never met a fairy before) --but mommy thought your card was really nice. But "a"--next time you stop by my house when mommy's not home, please come in and play with me?

Ok, everybody, mommy says I have to go to bed now. Bye, bye.

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