Saturday, August 1, 2009

The good, the bad and the poopy.

Good: This morning, we had a baby obstacle course.
Bad/poopy combo:
It is never a good sign when Big Man calls me at work and asks, "What's the name of the plumber we use?" Last time the call was because water was shooting out of our hot water heater. Friday night's events were even more troubling. Sewer backup into our basement. Yep, poop everywhere. (Imagine climbing into a diaper pail, but the diaper pail is your house. It smelled like that.) So, we had to call the City, and wait for them to show up to unclog the sewer lines. Then, this morning, we had Service Master come and de-poop the basement, for about the price of a used car. Oh, and that's entirely out of pocket, because our insurance doesn't have the "sewer backup" rider. You can bet it will on Monday, though. Bleh. It was too gross to take pictures. Right now there are high powered and air scrubbers in my basement--sitting here on my couch it sounds like I'm on a hovercraft, but it's far less stinky than it was.

Big Man's vacation ends tonight. He's been off for 10 days, and it has been nice having him around and not exhausted. We went to a BBQ this afternoon at Aimee and Seamus' house, and Dani got to play with their 17 month old, Liam. Liam had a kiddie pool that was smurftastic.

Dani, just bouncing and having fun:

Tara came into town for a night so I got to see her last night--always a fun time, always a late night.

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