Thursday, August 6, 2009

Look what I can do!

(with a little help from Mommy early this morning)

When I helped her up in the crib and let her grab the handles, there was this awareness on her face, like I could stand up in here??? Then she fell backwards, and bounced off the bumper. Not quite ready yet. But Dani's dying to walk--she will pull herself up on anything and wants to be constantly standing!
I am also pleased to report that Dani appears to have inherited mommy and daddy's love of football.

She is just so much fun!

She has started crying in her sleep a bit, and waking up sometimes too which is disconcerting (she's doing it right now). She will be sleeping, in her crib, and just cry and wail briefly. It's particularly disconcerting when I'm trying to sleep. But she's still a great sleeper--12 hours baby!

**As I typed this she started crying. screaming, actually. Went upstairs to an awake and sweaty baby who was just unhappy. and awake. after 10 minutes of singing, holding, rubbing the screaming continued. So I tried a pacifier. She hasn't touched one since she found her thumb, but the screaming is louder than it has ever been. The paci worked for long enough for me to make it downstairs, then the screaming began again. I know I can't keep going up and picking her up or I will create a monster, but hate to hear my little beanie cry!**

Tonight is Big Man's last night of work for about 2 1/2 weeks--he's on vacation! Hopefully lots of cool pics will follow. Stay tuned this weekend for the kiddie pool!

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