Wednesday, September 2, 2009


First, allow me to say that I am just. so. damn. tired.
I don't have the energy to post anything witty or amusing, just Dani pics.
Had a little fun with Dani's hairbrush tonight--can you say baby conehead? Really, it did that with just a little times in the B house--even Dani looks annoyed with me.

I picked up a pizza for dinner and we decided to let Dani have a little bit of the crust and sauce. It was worth every bit of the mess she made--she LOVED it. It seemed to work just like a teething biscuit, she just kept gnawing and gnawing on it...a girl after my own heart.
Big Man picked up a baby walker for me to use in the mornings. Dani's threatening to undertake a kamikaze mission and fling herself out of her bouncy chair when she gets tired of it, so hopefully the walker will entertain her better when I'm in the shower. She likes to spin Elmo's head around, and is figuring out the walking thing--but it looks more like she's playing bumper cars in the house.

She is basically standing every second she can these days--daddy keeps rescuing her from pulling up on things with wheels, close to walking!

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