Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Digging out of the hole.

It's been a rough stretch for us. Big Man was sick, and then I was sick. Fortunately, Dani managed to not get sick which is key. But, working opposite shifts and chasing a baby around is not easy!

Dani's still mainly eating baby food, but we are working in the real food at dinnertime each night. She sits with us, and I share my dinner with her. Tonight, she was enjoying cheesy rice, cornbread and peas. Here's some dinnertime silly:

It's just amazing how fast she's growing and learning. She's dying to walk and talk, now letting go of the things she pulls herself up on and babbling constantly, and some of the babble is starting to sound like words!

I can't believe how much I am really enjoying just being Dani's mom. She is just the cutest, happiest baby ever. (And I'm sure every mom thinks the same about her kid, but I'm right!)

Feeling much worse with this pregnancy than with the last. Queasier. Walking allergy attack. But, looking very forward to the, oh, 199 or so days until I'm done!

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