Friday, September 18, 2009

Return of the vampire baby.


Vampire baby has made a comeback. Beets add an extra special effect.

We had a lot of fun tonight. Big Man grilled some tasty steaks, and I'm pleased to report that Dani is a little carnivore! She enjoyed some steak, beets, and squash with us!
I'm a relative novice with beets. To be honest, I only have them because they come with my farm shares. It didn't really occur to me that they would stain everything they touched, and that Dani would manage to get them everywhere. She had fun though, even if her clothes and the high chair are permanently stained!

She has started to do this fake cough. At first, we thought it was cute, and would do a little "huh huh" back to her. Now, she's upped the ante to full on grunting/coughing; she did it tonight at dinner and I thought she was choking. Big Man informed me that it is her latest trick. Slightly disturbing. It seems to amuse her.

And, in keeping with the love/hate relationship, Dani is friends with Tigger again. By now, you are probably wondering why I get it out for her once a week or so, because sometimes she hates it. I am just so f&*%ing tired of the talking puppy and the musical table. Really. I am not capable of playing with the same 3 toys every day.

Big Man bought Dani an outfit today. I sent him out for some kind of soft-soled baby slipper/shoe, and he returned with hard soled sandals. Chalk it up to another unused baby item to be sold at the upcoming garage sale. But he bought her a cute little Minnie Mouse onesie with matching pants--so cute! Because I've been such a bulk shopper for baby clothes (craigslist, ebay, garage sales) we haven't needed anything, so Big Man had never really bought her any clothes, except a Bears onesie when she was a little bitty baby. He even got matching socks!

In non-Dani news, I was re-elected as chairperson of the Montgomery County Democratic Committee!

Headed to the doc on Wednesday for my first prenatal visit. Can't wait to see the little heartbeat!

Tomorrow, I'm working at the SPCA dog walk; it occurred to me that this is the third year I will attend the event in some stage of pregnancy. And the last.

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