Thursday, May 20, 2010


You may recall that we got Dani a first walk on bike type toy for her birthday. She was not quite ready for it at that time, despite the cute pics we took. It's been packed away until now. I broke it out tonight---enjoy. Notice she's saying "bike". She is trying to say every word we do--and understaning everything we say. (folks on facebook: apparently my blog won't automatically upload videos to FB, and I'm lazy... so go to: to see the video)

I swear, we do take pics of Tori--just not as much (sorry Tori). But she came to my office today and I posted a pic to facebook. We love her just as much, but she isn't great for action photos!Anyway, so tired. Don't know what I'd do if Big Man wasn't home on paternity leave. I'm at work every day, and he's home. We share time at night and the overnight with Tori (I get to pick the early feeding or late feeding) but we are just so darn tired. He's used to being tired because he works all night and used to hang with Dani all day......I'm used to, and apparently need, much more sleep. By about 8pm he's snoozing in the upright position on the couch, and most nights I am sleeping by 10, knowing she will wake me up by midnight, but saying little prayers that Tori will sleep through the night....unrealistic I know. But, Dani did it by 9 weeks, so I'm hoping by the time Big Man goes back to work, Tori's broken in...or I'll be in big trouble!

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