Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tubby time!

It took surprisingly longer for us to give Tori her first bath than Dani. We were so scared with Dani, and it was winter and cold, we filled the bathroom sink with water that was lukewarm and she just screamed--no doubt typical new parent fear of not scalding the baby. With Tori, it took much longer for her bellybutton cord to fall off--perhaps because the latest hospital security trick is to put the baby security button on the cord........so if a baby stealer comest to the hospital, and tries to leave with a baby....hidden baby button will trigger the firing squad or something.

Part of it was that we are now seasoned parents, and know that our little floppy newborn doesn't need baths every day, and we were in no hurry. We totally buy in to our doctor's philosophy that we only need to bathe Tori when she is stinky, because we don't want her to get dried out.
And, we realize that babies only have the "new baby smell" for about 12 seconds, and then they burp or fart or spit up or poop up and ruin it. Then they smell like sweaty, formula cheesy baby. And trust me, the wet washcloth doesn't cut it..so you need to bathe them.

But first, here's Dani....our little sweetie, always loving the bath!

And our little Tori, who was great for her first bath--and is a good baby all the way around. (I guess. Sleep deprived mommy fussy baby rant to follow when I have the energy).
And here she is all wrapped up after her first bath:

**Note for those of you who recall Tori was born on 4/27 and think we waited 3 weeks for a bath...not so. We did the really shallow sponge bathy things at first because she still had the cord after a week and she needed to be cleaned!

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