Sunday, May 30, 2010

Long weekend, a Dani guest post.

Hi everybody, Dani here. It's so sunny and warm outside and I'm having so much fun. I love having my daddy home with me and my baby sister Tori's not too bad either. Mommy got me a pool, and she takes me in it every day!

Sometimes, I don't even wait to put my bathing suit on. Grandma Deb came to visit this morning and she and mommy were taking me outside to play on the swingset, but I marched right into the pool in my clothes. Then my diaper got really big and huge and everyone laughed at me.

So far, summer is my favorite season. I get to eat popsices and wear dresses and ride my bike!
I have 3 bathing suits and a great big ball that I bring in the pool. Mommy sits in the pool with me, too!

I love to sit with mommy when she is feeding Tori. I'm also a really good helper. When mommy changes Tori's diaper, I throw it away for her. Then, everyone claps for me!

I can also say any word I want to. Mommy and daddy get so excited when I talk to them; I don't see what the big deal is, but they sure seem to like it. Yesterday, mommy let me have some of her seltzer, so I said "bubbles" because there were lots of bubbles in it. Mommy sure got excited, you'd have thought I'd won a Pulitzer or something.

I get to stay up later too. And when mommy says it's bedtime, sometimes if I snuggle up with daddy she lets me stay up even longer. Daddy's a really good snuggler.

So far, being a big sister's pretty fun, but babies are boring. They just sleep and cry. I can't wait until Tori is bigger so she can play with me. OK, I'm going outside to play now. Bye bye.

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