Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Which is which?

These pictures were taken at about the same age. The thing I notice first is the sheer size of Big Man's hands in relation to the infant. If the dates weren't on these pics, could you tell which picture was Dani and which Tori?
So big, yet so gentile.
It's amazing how two babies can be so different. For example--Dani, eyes open, missing nothing--powering down her bottle so she could move on to more fun and important things (kinda like mommy). And in comparison--Tori, eyes closed, looking totally relaxed, calm and in the moment, just like daddy. I couldn't really imagine anything but Dani when I was pregnant with Tori. I imagined giving birth to another Dani. But, only two weeks in, it is apparent that they are different in so many ways...some good, some not so good (from an overtired mommy perspective).
I've also noticed that Big Man and I look much older in the 2010 Tori pics than we did in the 2009 Dani pics...


Jackie said...

I totally guess correctly they are different but they are equally as beautiful.

Jackie said...

I guess the right pictures. They are both beautiful yet are different.