Friday, July 2, 2010

Don't tell Dani, a Tori guest post.

Pssst. Pssst. Down here. Shhh. Be very quiet because I don't want my big sister Dani to know I'm writing to you.

I'm Tori. But, I get called lots of things. I hear mommy call me McScreamy, and daddy calls me the angry whopper. But most importantly, I'm Dani's little sister. I think you know Dani. She's my big sister. She sometimes posts here. She really likes to be the center of attention, so I don't want her to get mad that I'm posting today. I mean look at that scowl, I don't want to mess with least until I'm bigger.

But, I'm 9 weeks old and I figured it was time that I introduced myself. And, I have exciting news! I met my grandma and grandpa today, and they are so awesome! But before I tell you about them, I wanted to show you a picture of my daddy. He's such a good snuggler.

So, anyway, my grandma and grandpa came to visit from North Carolina today. They are lots of fun. My grandpa is so silly. When we went outside, he wore my sun hat!

And grandma took me for a walk and we sat outside on the porch while Dani got to swing. When I get a little bigger, grandma says I can go on the swing too.

So far, it's not so bad being a little sister. Dani is pretty nice to me, but she only calls me "baby". I wish I could tell her that my name is Tori, but I can't talk yet. Sometimes it seems like she gets mad when mommy holds me. She's always running around the house laughing and playing, and I'm stuck in some dumb swing because I can't even crawl yet. But I'm working really hard at it. I can push myself up on my hands, and can almost turn over. Pretty soon I'm going to get to play too. I have to hurry because grandma and grandpa brought a little bear and blankie for me but Dani took it when they weren't looking.
Anyway, grandma and grandpa are going to be here for a while so I am sure we will have lots of fun.
Don't tell Dani you met me. I don't think she can read yet, so she won't know that I wrote to you. Anyway, I hope I get to talk to you again soon. Love, Tori.

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