Saturday, July 17, 2010

Last day.

Tonight is Big Man's last night of paternity leave--he goes back to work tomorrow night. It's been awesome having him home. Life gets exponentially harder now that we are each going to be tired and flying solo most of the time. At least he still has 3 weeks of vacation or so remaining for the balance of the year. I'm hoping we will take a road trip to NC in October for our anniversary...and the Bears play the Panthers that weekend, and grandma and grandpa will be thrilled to babysit while we go!

How cute is my little Tori? She's wearing 6 month clothes already, and she's 10 weeks... crazy.And a video from my folks' visit--I miss them. Dani now knows that we can talk to grandma and grandpa on the computer, so she is always demanding that we do so!

Stormy and loud here--hoping Dani sleeps through it.

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