Saturday, July 31, 2010

Flying solo.

Big Man had to fly home to Chicago, as his brother is gravely ill. I've been on my own with the kiddos since Friday evening. How tiring!

We started today with a trip to the grocery store--just to pick up a thing or to because my friend Kristen and her daughter Mary were coming over--needed to get some kiddie lunch materials.

Kristen and I were pregnant together and Mary is about 3 weeks older than Dani. The day started great--both kids were fascinated with each other and playing and being cute. They kept giving each other "huggies" and jumping up and down.

As naptime drew closer, it became an all-out tantrum fest. Anything Mary picked up, Dani wanted, so Dani would grab it and Mary would shriek. Dani doesn't have much experience with other kids, and has no concept of personal space, and kept trying to pat Mary on the tummy, which she hated. The day culminated with a huge fight over Dr. Seuss' "The Nose Book". It was actually quite cute to watch the insanity, and Kristen and I laughed it off as the kids just wailed--they are silly babies that need to learn how to share. Dani has clearly mastered the art of taking what she wants, but not sharing--she was even upset to see Mary pick up a toy that was in the other room, even though Dani didn't want to play with it.

At the end of the playdate, they kissed and made up--here's Mary leaning in to plant one on Dani.

Dani was sound asleep about 14 seconds after they left. Of course, then Tori woke up, so there was no nap for mommy, although I was desperate for one. (Now I feel Big Man's weekday pain--they really don't sleep at the same times!) I spent the rest of the day just being silly with Dani.

Dani was asking to go upstairs all day to get Daddy (who is usually sleeping), and couldn't figure out where he was, despite my best efforts to distract her. We colored, played with a million toys, and watched way too much TV. Once I got Dani upstairs, Tori was ready to play--she's getting so big--and cute! They are looking less and less alike each day, with Dani definitely favoring my side of the family and Tori favoring Big Man's.
Tomorrow Grandma Deb is coming over to lend a hand so I can shop and get a few things done before Big Man rolls in around midnight.

Keeping my fingers crossed that Dani sleeps past 6am tomorrow, which was her wake up time today. She usually ranges from about 6 to 7:30am for her wakeup--and often will go back to sleep if it's on the earlier side, but of course, not this morning. And Tori slept so much today, that I'm hoping I am not in for a night of wide awake fussing, because I am dragging!

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