Sunday, December 12, 2010

Birthday Girl.

We semi-celebrated Dani's birthday. Big Man was out of town most of the week due to the death of his brother. So, Dani will have multiple birthday celebrations, as it was just us girls on the 9th.

She did get her "yellow Mickey Mouse shoes".
We had cupcakes!

There were tears. Overtired babies were at the sitter's for three days with minimal naps. All in all, Dani had a good birthday. They were over the moon yesterday when Daddy got home.

Tori was really bummed when he was gone. I know it sounds crazy, but even the sitter said there was something off. She just didnt' smile, but she wasn't sick or anything. The minute daddy came home, she was a different baby--just happy and smiley.

Oh yeah--and she can sit up by herself too!

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