Sunday, December 19, 2010


Last night we had Dani's second birthday party! We had a house full of folks. And, Dani had a blast! Tori did too--here's she's getting some snuggles from Aunt Renny.

The party had a Mickey Mouse theme. Dani's obessed with Mickey Mouse. Here she's rockin' the Minnie dress.
Dani's Mickey cake, made by a high school friend of mine. (If anyone needs her contact info, let me know, she makes an awesome custom cake!)
Dani had lots of gifts to open.

Miss Ruth gave Dani a guitar. Guitars were a popular gift, Dani got three different ones. We rocked out with them today.

In other news, Tori popped her second tooth, and is trying desperately to walk. I also found out that I'm pregnant again. Yep, prego with number 3. Really hope it's a boy. Due in August. So we'll have 3 under 3. Nice! I told Dani, and she kisses my belly and says "hi baby". She told me it's a sister....keeping my fingers crossed that she's wrong, because there will be no 4th try!

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