Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bully in the making.

Little Tori is developing quite the little personality. Quite the tough guy personality. Maybe a sense of fearlessness just develops in the second kid because they are trying to catch up to the first kid.

Dani was always a cautious baby. She crawled and walked safe, short distances and if it looked risky, she'd crawl. Until one day, she walked and never really crawled again. No nasty falls, or boo boos, she just waited until she could do it well and then did. She began to crawl typically too--on her elbows like a little soldier.

Not so, our Tori. She was pushing herself up on all fours at 5 months--like she was trying to do military pushups. She never bothered with the elbow crawling, just straight arms, and lots of face plants until she got it. Last night, she tried to pull herself up on one of Dani's toys. The kid has no fear--with anything. You may recall that Dani had a love-hate relationship with talking toys when she was a baby.

Tori stares them down.
She also likes to crawl after the cat.

And Tigger? Remember Dani's fear of Tigger? And then the love/curiosity of Tigger which would always end in crying? We put Tori to the Tigger test, and she just owned Tigger. She didn't even flinch when Tigger started talking and moving.
Pretty soon, I think she's going to be taking Dani's toys and telling her who's boss! Here's a video of the kids with Tigger. Dani has a growing booty obsession. (sorry FB friends--you actually have to go to my blog to see this because the videos don't import)

Time to get working on photos for the Christmas card...stay tuned.

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