Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Get Croupy.

It's been hard to have time to post lately, with all the sicky sick at the ol' homestead. Our poor little children are like those indigenous tribes in the rainforest, not exposed often to people or germs, and who, when exposed, are felled by a common cold virus.
Dani and Tori had a little friend over a few weeks ago, and within a few days, it was a house o'plague. Fever! Sniffles! Coughs! Oh my!
Everyone is, happily, on the mend. Big Man and I broke down and bought some new living room furniture, a couch and chair. Given the age of our kids and relatively pukiness of our cat, it was a profoundly unwise decision from a financial there's just no way it is going to last a fraction of the time that one would hope a couch to last. But Big Man's old sectional was a fine bachelor pad couch, and withstood, no doubt, many years of big men watching football, only to be turned into a giant petri dish/trampoline for our kids. We had to get rid of it before it created a new life form. As it was being moved out of the house, toys and other goodies were literally falling out of the bottom of it. At least there didn't appear to be any creatures inside.
So the girls are turning the corner after over a week of sick. Little dude, is too. His croup came back, so we had a course of steroids and he's taking antibiotics for a sinus infection. He saw the doctor a couple of times. The 'roids are making him hungry and in two days (being weighed at the doc) he gained two ounces. The kid weighs 19 pounds 4 ounces, which I believe is more than Dani weighed at one year.
I probably shouldn't be terribly surprised he gets sick more than the girls, with all the kisses they bestow upon him, and the sly sucks of his pacifier they take while playing. I tell myself they're building up their little immune systems--somehow that makes cleaning up a bed full of puke at midnight minimally less horrible.
Sick or no, he is one happy little dude. And one big little dude. He's wearing 12 month size clothes in this 5 1/2 months.
Lots of other exciting, stressful and life-y events going here...hope to get to share them soon!

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