Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Valentine from Tori.

OH NO! I forgot it was Valentines day!
I don't have anything to give to my mommy or my daddy or Dani or Tommy.
I mean, I'm not even 2, I can't be expected to remember these things!
Hmmmmm, what should we do?
WAIT! I have an idea!
It's really kind of advanced for my age, too.
We can do interpretive art for mommy and daddy. We just need to cover ourselves in red food, because red is for valentines! That will make them so happy!
You go first Tommy!
Good work Tommy! Really smear it all over yourself.
Okay, Dani, now it's your turn! Great smirk!
OK, now me!
Happy Valentines Day everybody!
We turned ourselves red just for you!
Uh oh. Mommy says we all need baths now. Gotta go!

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